Award Winning Meats from the local butcher

Sam's Butchery brings you the finest 100% New Zealand smallgoods. We source meat directly from local farmers ensuring freshness and top quality. With our qualified and experienced butchers onsite, we make and cure bacon, sausages, and ham in-house, guaranteeing a homestyle, traditional butchery range of products. Sam's Butchery takes pride in our bacon, which has won prestigious awards, including the title of "BEST BACON OF THE YEAR" in 2018 & 2013. Both our Dry Cured Rib Eye Bacon and Dry Cured Middle Bacon have won GOLD in 2023. Our Lamb Delight Sausage have won SUPREME WINNER and GOLD LITE in 2023.. Our traditional curing method takes several weeks to complete, resulting in flavourful, tender, and smoky bacon that's simply irresistible. Additionally, we offer hams for Christmas orders, made with fresh, local ingredients and cured to perfection. Our gourmet sausages are available in a variety of flavours, offering something delicious for everyone. Experience the award-winning goodness of Sam's Butchery's smallgoods.
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Award-winning Meats: Order ham, bacon, and sausages online from Sam's Butchery

  • Delicious homestyle bacon, ham, and sausages made and/or cured in-house
  • Proud to win Best Bacon of the year 2013 and 2018 and Best Sausage of the Year 2023
  • All smallgoods produced from locally sourced, 100% NZ meat
Come and see us in our Silverdale butcher shop, or buy bacon, ham, and sausages online. We have a local truck delivery for the Hibiscus Coast and the North Shore, Auckland. Courier deliveries available on request and service Auckland wide. Please note: there is a minimum $100 order for all delivery options.

Award Winning Meats from the local butcher
2200 East Coast Road, Silverdale, Auckland
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